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Photography Day Out!!

In the last week or so (don't ask me when, it’s all blurring together time moves so fast!) my good friend Nellie and her daughter Raven, who both just happen to be the arty photography types, and I headed out on one of the sunniest days we’ve had over here in the Isle of Man for a while so they could take some lovely pictures of my work for me!

I had the easy job- I was just chauffeuring them to where they thought they could get the best pictures, generally getting in the way and basking in the sunshine, I have such a hard life!

Anyway we ended up at Spooyt Vane Chapel (which handily is owned by my husband’s family) and then we did some paddling up in Sulby Glen to try and get some interesting shots, water and glass make a good combo and I think it’s definitely a photography excursion in itself for the future…watch this space….

So I haven’t actually done any computer wizardry on these beauties yet and there are many, many more picture, but I thought you might like to have a peruse and see how may pictures it takes to get the ones that I use in promotional things!


#CreativeBusiness #FusedGlass #Glass #IsleofMan #Photography #SmallBusiness #SpooytVaneChapel #Sulby #ArtyFriends

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