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A special type of ‘interesting’

So the last two weeks have been that special type of ‘interesting’ which translates to lots of ups and downs.

I didn’t write a post last week because one of my rabbits was very poorly and old and, sadly, had to be put to sleep last Saturday and I was in pieces as anyone with animals I’m sure can understand so I was in no state to sit down and write because, as I have mentioned, it takes a lot of brain power for me to get words down.

Then this week my other bunny had to have nasty things done to him at the vets so he was very poorly as well!

The general consensus of the last two week has been worrying myself to death and spending a lot of time crying at my poor vet and, all in all, my nerves are very much shot at this point! But anyway, the bunny is very much on the mend now and, like me, is slowly getting over the loss of little Snuffy (gone but not forgotten!)

RIP Little Snuffy

Moving on to better news!

I have had a meeting with the Manx National Heritage, who are the main stockists of my work on the Isle of Man, and they have agreed to trial some of my copper inclusion homeware – so my three legs of man and Isle of Man coasters, trivets and sun catchers will be winging their way into the House of Manannan and Manx Museum gift shops next week, which is fabulous!

I’ll just give you a little insight into how these little beauties are made – each copper design is hand cut by me (‘one day I shall have a copper cutting elf’ she said as she looked wistfully into thin air) and then I encase the copper design between two sheet of glass and fire it in the kiln. The kiln is where the magic of oxidisation colour change happens. The reaction happens hours before the edge of the glass fully fuses together with the areas that oxidise the most turning turquoise and the areas with less oxidation turning red.

Those are the basics of how I make my copper inclusion homeware. It sounds a lot quicker on paper than it is in practise…

Unfired Copper

I love using copper because you just never know what colour combinations you will end up with. It’s also awesome when you put texture on it then fuse, which I am thinking about doing for another project that I have in the pipeline – and hopefully, by next week, I should be well on my way with the design work and I will give you a sneaky peak of what I am up to…

So, in between rabbits passing away or trying to, I have been frantically cutting paper thin copper into Manx themed shapes - no one can say I don’t have a varied life!

This blog has been short and sweet, but this is me signing off for another week and going back to faffing, sorry I mean working, with coasters.

See you next week (all things being well I really don’t feel like tempting fate right now!)


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