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My ‘Studio’ a word that I am using in the loosest term….

So for this post I am going to give you a quick guided tour of my ‘studio’.

Calling where I work a studio is misleading as I don’t just have one place where I work, plus, the word ‘studio’ brings to mind a beautiful, creative space and I’m not sure that where I am currently working could be defined using any of those words!

I work entirely from home for a couple of reasons –

  • I can’t justify the expense of renting somewhere at the moment.

  • My kiln is massive and would be a nightmare to move because it has to be connected and disconnected by an electrician.

  • I have the attention span of a flea and I am out of practise of being regimented enough to actually travel to work!

  • There isn’t really anywhere near me that would be suitable/cheap enough because of the giantness of Mega kiln.

Don’t get me wrong, my entire degree was studio based so I have worked in shared studios before and I loved it! Bouncing ideas around seeing what other people are up to, talking to other humans and so on and if something came up near where I live I would definitely go for it but, as it stands at the moment, I am a home working bird.

I mainly work in two places at home - the first is in the garage and the second is a small bedroom inside because, logistically, the garage is not a year round space.

The garage, in brief, is not the best place to be making shiny glass things…generally it is freezing, damp, dusty and not an inspiring place to work and used as overflow storage from the house if we can’t fit it anywhere else!

It is more bearable in the summer but on average, it is between 5 to 10 degrees cooler in there than the outside air temp all year.I have to say I don’t spend a lot of time in there at this time of year, owing to my hands and face freezing off, which is the reason why I make and test more glass products during the spring and summer.

It is also not especially water tight and the rain likes to break through the garage door, as you can imagine, not ideal when you are storing equipment in there that is worth more than your car and the has winter has been very wet and only rain free for 3 days since November.

My Garage Studio

The other winter problem is that I can’t have the garage door open all the time. It is a dark space which, when you are trying to gauge if glass is clean/what colour it is, can be an issue. There are more problems with working in a garage in the North West of the UK/Isle of Man but those are the main ones.

I took over a room in the house probably about 6 months ago, as I make large batches of jewellery at one time and gluing everything in the kitchen was just getting impractical and we weren’t using the room, so I thought ‘hey put a desk in it why not’? I was using it before then and storing all of the finished stock and businessy things that would not fare well in the cold, damp garage!

In this room I make up and package the majority of my stock in the winter and I store my stock in there all year round. I also do my paperwork, website, clean design work (such as sketchbooking) and sometimes I will bring a bit of pre-cut glass and put work together, but I never cut glass inside because I don’t want anyone to get it stuck in feet and so on (I am referring to the fully fools that roam my house!)

All in all, the set up I have is not exactly perfect and becomes less and less so the bigger Glonney Designs gets and the more I need to make and store. But I have been working in these spaces for nearly 3 years and I make it work because I love what I do!

Hopefully, in the not too distant future, my plan is to fix all the issues in the garage and make it a bright and lovely place where I can do all my design work as well as glass testing and making and store my stock, but I suspect I will need lots of pennies to do it, so we will wait and see!

Of course I have my dream ideas so that, one day, I may have a studio that people can visit!

Watch this space….


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