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I really need to swallow the little book of calm right now…

I just want start by saying a that I was amazed about how many people commented and messaged me about my last post ‘Dyslexia & Me’. It is great to hear from all of you and I will be writing (dictating to my mum) about Dyslexia and my life again in the not too distant future so keep your eye peeled!

Anyway onwards to blog number 3…

I won’t lie to you this week has been a nightmare….

All was going well – I was super organised. I had made about 250 pieces of jewellery all ready to restock the Manx National Heritage – the Manx Museum and the House of Mannan sites - which would give me a head start for the rest of the year because, at the moment, the other sites around the island are mainly closed. This was my cunning plan to start the year as I meant to go on, as the scouts would say ‘Be Prepared’.


If are you sitting comfortably and prepared for my rantings, then I shall begin…

Everything was packaged up in boxes and ready to go, yes that’s right I was organised! (this is the point when I should have got the red flag) My friend had popped over to my house and we were having a leisurely cup of tea and talking about glue, as you obviously do on a Tuesday. I was telling her how strong and amazing the glue that I use is and off I went to get an example.

This was at this point when everything went to pieces, literally. I discovered that there was something wrong the batch of glue that I had made all the jewellery with. So I started checking all the pieces I had made in the last week to deliver the next day. I found that about 75% of it had not adhered properly!!

As you can image I was less than pleased and after I had thrown a really grown up strop, used expletives profusely and eaten some pancakes, I regained the use of my brain and I set about remaking the jewellery with a different batch of glue that I had used in the past and I knew was OK. All the way through taking deep very calming breaths telling myself that it was all fine and finding it now was a lot better than having complaints when people had brought it. Which is 100% true.

Attaching the bails, chains and packaging my work are probably the most laborious and time consuming part of getting my jewellery ready for retail. It is made worse when you have to soak and sand the glue off each piece and start again anew. So I took off all the bails from the chains, soaked the glass in acetone and then sanded it all off ready to reattach. Then I started the gluing process again, cleaning each piece and bail, putting the glue on and centring the bails and so on (I really do need to look into getting a minion you know!).

So, Just to recap, it took me about two days to initially to make the jewellery that was ready for the delivery and then to fix it all about another 9 hours between Thursday evening (I ended up working till about 10.30, which was awesome) and Friday to carefully take the jewellery out of the boxes and packaging without damaging any of it and then to re-glue the pieces that hadn’t stuck properly with the faulty batch of glue. Currently, I am leaving the glue to set, just to make sure it has as long as possible to go off and then tomorrow, I get to put everything back in its original packaging to put me back where I started on Thursday – deep joy!

Unfortunately I had also planned lots of their jobs that needed to be done this week so juggling my time got a little interesting! The upshot of this week is that I am now brain dead with a cold! But I have great faith that next week will be better (I will give it no choice) and restore my faith in being a self-employed artist.

Even though I am willing this week to be over and to never rear its ugly face again but it is still better than working in an office!

So the things I have learnt this week are always to test all new tubes of glue and the chanting mantra I am a ‘F****** Island of calm’ to yourself at speed as you work does help in these situations!!

I will stop moaning at you all and go away now…until next week!!


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