Well hello there everyone…

January 30, 2016


So here we go, finally after about a year and a half of me threatening to start a blog I have written my first post… Writing doesn’t come naturally to me as I am awesomely Dyslexic, but I have some wonderful people who will be doing a bit of proofing for me! (They don’t actually know it yet…aren’t they lucky!!!)


To start off let me tell you a bit about myself to get us going and how I ended up running my small creative business.


My name is Miranda Caley and I am a 28 year old glass artist/designer and I live on a little Island in the middle of the Irish Sea called the Isle of Man. I live with my husband, two giant bunnies and two cats and the accompanying fluff they bring.

 (The Fluffy Ones!!)


Although I was born on the Isle of Man and my family have lived over here for many years, I ended up going off the Isle of Man to an all-girls boarding school when I was 11, and then onto university in Manchester so all in all I was living on and off the Island for about 12 years. But I settled back on the Isle of Man after finishing my degree in 2010 at the grand old age of 23.

When I came home I had just finished my 3D Design degree. I needed a creative rest after the last manic year in Manchester trying to get my final show all together, so I got a temp job in an office.


Turns out I don’t think I was made for paper work, but it was a temp job so there was always an end in sight.


The problem came when I decided to go for a permanent job in an office….


I applied for a permanent position in an office, all went fine I got the job, did the training and so on.


Then one day it just hit me,




So that night I went home, to my now husband, and asked him if he enjoyed his job and he said yes so I said that’s good because I think I’m going to leave mine…and that is how I ended up with my own creative business because it turns out that as a creative person if you have too long a ‘rest’ from being creative you go mental…like I did.




(Some of my blown glass degree work from 2010)



So that is the brief version…I won’t lie it was a very stressful time and it was a really hard decision to make but do you know what, I count leaving that job one of the best decisions I have ever made because it has led me to where I am now.


There is obviously more to how I actually started Glonney Designs up and things I learnt in my first couple of years trading, but I will cover some of that in later posts about my experiences of running a small business, this is just more about how I made the decision to jump into it feet first!


So that’s a little bit about me…I am positive there will be more look backs into my special type of crazy but for now I want to move onto some of the ideas for content that I thought I might like to write about and might be interesting for people to read (full disclaimer I said MIGHT BE….)

  • Glass processes and how I make different types of kiln glass art and jewellery (with lots of shiny pictures)

  • My creative process – how I end up with my final pieces of work

  • My experience with running a small business – good things I’ve done/attended, things I would do again etc.

  • Other crafty things and other handmade fancies

  • Give you a glimpse into the life of a self-employed creative

  • A bit more about Dyslexia, my story with it and why/how our brains work a bit differently

I’m sure at some point I will go off on tangents and so on but these are the ideas I have going on in my head at the moment!


So for now I will sign off, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section or message me!




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