Isle of Man Coaster

Isle of Man Coaster


Our gem of an Island is found in the middle of the Irish Sea and is well known for its rugged coastline that is depicted in these beautiful Coasters!

These lovely coasters are all handmade on the Isle of Man and everyone is unique!

For each coaster I hand cut the outline from thin sheets of copper foil and then in case them in clear Bullseye glass.

Copper is a fantastic material to work with as it is a surprise what colour it will turn during in the kiln as during it firing the copper oxidises. Oxidation occurs in the kiln in the time before the sheets of glass begin to fuse and once the edges of the glass have fused, the process stops. The areas that oxidise the most turn a dark turquoise and the areas with less oxidation turn red.

Although they are made from glass, these coasters are very durable and with the addition of rubber bumpon feet on the underside of the coasters they are also non slip.

Each coaster is sold individually.

Measurements (Approximately)

Each coaster measure 10cm square and 0.5cm deep (not including the feet)

Please be aware that due the handcrafted nature of my work each piece that I make is slightly different (so completely unique for you!) So the piece that you will receive will not be identical to the one pictured in this listing as shape and arrangement of colours may vary slightly.


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